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Company Formation in Bulgaria
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By the Bulgarian law a Bulgarian citizen or an European Union citizen can own (or purchase)  a property with regulated land, only if they own another property in the Europeran Union. That means, that the buyer has to declare property ownership documents. This is possible by 01.01.2012

If the client does not own another property the European Union and wants to buy an Agricultural or Investment land, they are required to own a Bulgarian company (or business), which can be set up by anyone in the world.

By setting up a Bulgarian company overseas investors can legally own Bulgarian land and property.

If you are looking to buy an apartment in Bulgaria then it is not a requirement that you set up a Bulgarian company as you will not strictly own the land it is built on. If you are looking to purchase an actual house or plot of land then it is essential that you have a Bulgarian company formed in order to legally own the property.

Setting up a Bulgarian company can be a complicated process. There are many companies that take the complication out of Bulgarian company formation and handle everything on your behalf and we are one of them.
It is advisable  to use an expert and a trusted company to do this as in the end it is your Bulgarian company that will hold the assets of the property or land so it is essential that everything is done properly.
We are able to arrange company formation in Bulgaria for you!
In most cases a Bulgarian company is formed to simply hold the land and property and does not actually operate as a business and therefore does not have any turnover or profit to declare.

It should be noted that once you have set up a Bulgarian company to hold your land or property, it is kept active and legal by providing tax returns.

However, it is important that a 'nil-tax' return is still filed every year. Again, it is advisable that this is done by an expert as it is not easily done properly. It is often a very cheap and simple affair when done via an expert.

We are experts in that area and we remain at your disposal for any question you might have!

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