Privacy Policy

When you use the services of SELECT PROPERTIES, you entrust us with your personal data. This privacy policy will help you understand what kind of data we collect, the reasons we collect it for and what we do with it. This is important and we hope you will take your time to read the following information carefully.

In case you have any questions regarding confidentiality, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending email enquiry or call us at +359 887 737370

What is personal data?

According the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), personal data is defined as:
“Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“Data subject”). An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person”.

Why does SELECT PROPERTIES collect and store personal data?

In order to provide you with our services, such as preliminary information and consultations regarding properties in Bulgaria, mediation in the course of purchase, sale or rent of a real estate property, assistance with the preparation of the required documents and notarization of the deal, as well as after-sale services, we need to collect your personal data.

This data serves for the purpose of our correspondence with you prior to signing a contract, or for the purpose of us providing any information you require, identification prior to signing a mediation contract, in the course of preparing documents related to rental, purchase or sale contracts, marketing activities or advertisement.

We guarantee that the information we collect and use is essential for one or more of the above said purposes and does not aim at damaging your privacy or the inviolability of your personal life.

Before sending any communication of advertising or marketing nature to you SELECT PROPERTIES will ask for your explicit consent to receive such communication.

What categories of personal data we collect and process?

In order to provide you with information and advice about properties that interest you, we collect and process the following personal data: full name, phone number and email address. We also need this information to contact you at any time if it is necessary for the successful, quality and timely performance of the assignment, as well as for responding to your inquiries.

To prepare customized ads, to provide remarketing and measure the results, we also collect and process your IP address.

For identification purposes prior to entering into a mediation contract when buying, selling or renting a property, we collect and process in addition to the above the following personal data: passport details, date and place of birth and your permanent and current address.

In order to assist you and to prepare the necessary documents before concluding a rental agreement or for the notarization of the contract for purchase of a property and for your after-sales service, we collect and process the following personal data: full name, date and place of birth, permanent and current address, passport details, bank account number or other payment details, income, telephone number, email address. For these purposes, we also process special categories of data – marital status and marriage data. We collect this data when the applicable law requires exact identification of the person, as well as when drawing up an accounting or other type of document for which the law requires the designation of person’s identity document. This data is also used to detect and prevent abuse.

Your personal data as our customers is obtained online or offline, based on your consent, on the basis of a contract between us, or by law.

When you contact us by phone or order a call back, conversations are recorded and stored temporarily for a period of 24 hours for security purposes and for improving the quality of our service.

When we receive a request through one of our contact forms, we will use your contact details to contact you and provide you with the information or assistance you need.

What kind of cookies does the SELECT PROPERTIES site use?

We use our own, as well as third party cookies in order to manage the site content, to prepare tailored advertisements, to measure results and analyze traffic. Find out more about our Cookie policy.

The personal data we collect will be used solely for one or more of the following purposes:

• In order to provide information you required; 
• Preliminary correspondence before signing a contract;
• Signing a mediation contract; 
• Identification in the course of preparing documents for the signing of a contract;
• Identification in the course of preparing documents for the purpose of signing a rental- or purchase/sale contract;
• Marketing and/or advertising information;
• Preparing personalized advertisements, remarketing and measurement of results

The grounds on which we are entitled to process your personal data is: Your consent; implementation of a contract with you or our intent to enter into such contract; the processing is also required to comply with a legal requirement of ours or for the purpose of protecting your interests or third party interests, as well as to protect our own legitimate interests.

The following organizations may receive your personal data (provided it is necessary):

• The banking institution working with us on your transaction;
• The lawyer we work with regarding your transaction;
• The notary public we work with regarding your transaction;
• The translator we work with regarding your transaction;
• The courier company we work with;
• The insurance company we work with regarding your transaction;
• The currency broker we work with regarding your transaction;
• Our accounting company;

Social networks

Your access to social networks such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and others, is through a separate registration and acceptance of the general terms and conditions of these sites. SELECT PROPERTIES is not responsible for the protection of your personal data when accepting these terms and conditions. Please take a closer look at the general terms and conditions of these sites.


By agreeing to accept the present Confidentiality Notice, you are giving us your consent to process your personal data strictly for one or more of the above said purposes.

Such consent is necessary in order for us to be able to process both types (regular and special) personal data, but the consent needs to be an explicit consent.

At all times when we request consent for special (sensitive) personal data, we will explain the reasons for, and manners in which such information will be used.

You may withdraw your consent at any time, by submitting a withdrawal of consent for the processing of personal data trough this form, or a form for such withdrawal will be provided to you promptly upon request, as a paper copy, at any of our offices.

Transfer of personal data to a non-EU country or to an international organization

SELECT PROPERTIES does not intend to transfer your personal data to third parties without informing you in advance and securing your relevant consent. If transferring data to a non-EU country we will make sure that the company has signed up to Privacy Shield.

Data retention period:

SELECT PROPERTIES will store your personal data in the following manner: as a paper copy and/or online in its information database for the following duration:

• All documents, related to the preparation of signing a real estate transaction – 5 years
• All documents, related to the notarization of the transaction before a notary – 10 years
• All documents, data and information collected as required by the Law for Measures Against Money Laundering – 5 years 
• All remaining carriers, with the exception of the above said, including your own voluntary Consent for marketing purposes and/or advertising information – 5 years

Your rights as Data subject are as follows:

At all times while we collect or process your personal data, you, in your capacity of Data subject, have the following rights:

• You may require a copy of your personal data from SELECT PROPERTIES and right to access your personal data at any time;
• You are entitled to request from SELECT PROPERTIES to provide you with your personal data in a manner suitable for transfer to another personal data controller, or to ask us to do it for you without any hindrance from us;
• You are entitled to request from SELECT PROPERTIES to correct, without any undue delay, any of your personal data that is inaccurate, as well as any data, that is no longer up-to-date;
• You are entitled to request SELECT PROPERTIES to delete your personal data without undue delay in any of the following cases: 
– the personal data are no longer required for the purposes they were originally collected for; 
– when you have withdrawn your consent; 
– when you have objected against the processing, 
– when the processing is unlawful; 
– when the personal data must be deleted for the purpose of complying with a statutory requirements under the EU law or the law of a member-country, which is applicable to us in the capacity of personal data controller; 
– when the personal data have been collected in relation to the provision of information society services.

• We are entitled to refuse to delete your personal data on one of the following grounds: 
– while exercising the right to free speech and right to information; 
– for the purpose of our compliance with a legal requirement or the performance of an assignment in public interest, 
– while exercising official powers which were granted to us by you for the purpose of the specific entering into a real estate transaction; 
– by reasons of public interest in the sphere of public health; 
– for the purpose of archiving in public interest, for statistical purposes, as long as a deletion would seriously impede or make impossible the achievement of the purposes of this processing; 
– or for the establishment, exercising or protection of legal claims.

• You are entitled to request from SELECT PROPERTIES to restrict the processing of your personal data, and in such case the data will only be stored, but not processed. Our refusal to restrict such processing will only be provided in writing and we are under obligation to motivate such refusal with a lawful reason;
• You are entitled to withdraw your consent for the processing of your personal data at any time with a specific request sent to SELECT PROPERTIES;
• You are entitled to object against specific types of processing, such direct marketing (unwanted advertising messages);
• You are entitled to object against the automated processing, including profiling;
• You are entitled to not be subject of decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling;
• In case we need to use your personal data for a new purpose not part of the present notification of confidential treatment of personal data, we will serve you a new confidentiality notice and when and where necessary, we will ask for your consent for such new processing.

Send a request for applying your rights

You are entitled to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority:

You are entitled to submit a complaint directly to the supervisory authority, the supervisory authority for SELECT PROPERTIES being:

Personal Data Protection Commission
Address: city 1592 Sofia “Prof. № 2 Tsvetan Lazarov blvd.

In case you wish to submit a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data through SELECT PROPERTIES, you can do so using the contact details of SELECT PROPERTIES or directly to Data Protection Officer using the contact details below.

Policy for voluntary settlement of disputes:

Our policy is to voluntarily resolve any disputes that may arise regarding the processing of your personal data and for that we would be happy if you contact firstly our Data Protection Officer, before submitting a direct complaint to the supervisory authority. Send us your request by submitting this form

How we use your personal data?

The present confidentiality notice describes in detail the purposes and reasons for the collection and processing of your personal data, including the use of “cookies”.

We will not sell your personal data to third parties, and we will not transfer them in order to acquire any benefit.

If necessary, SELECT PROPERTIES, can transfer your personal data to our subcontractors, which have signed an appropriate contract with us.

All third parties that can receive your data have undertaken before us the obligation to protect your data in a safe, reliable manner and to use it only for the purpose of performing the obligations they undertook before us. When they no longer need your data to perform their obligations they will have detailed instructions regarding their destruction in compliance with the approved and effective procedures of SELECT PROPERTIES.

When it is necessary to provide special personal data to a third party, we will only do so after obtaining your consent (unless the law requires otherwise).

The recipients of your data can also be state bodies such as the National Revenue Agency, the National Insurance Institute, and such data is provided to them in compliance with specific and clear legal obligations.

How we store and protect the personal data we collect?

SELECT PROPERTIES will process (collect, store and use) the information you provided in a manner consistent with the General data Protection Regulation and the Personal Data Protection Act applicable in Bulgaria. We will always aim to maintain the information accurate and up-to-date.

We will not store your information longer than necessary for the completion of the specific purposes it was collected for and of which you have been notified herein.

Some of the information retention periods are subject to legal requirements for keeping documents and information for minimal periods of time, such as the Accounting Act or the Law for Measures against Money Laundering. We will undertake all possible technical and organization measures to ensure the protection of your data from unauthorized access, such as encryption, anonymization, masking and deletion after the expiry of the retention period.

How can you find out what personal data we have about you and how we process them?

At your request SELECT PROPERTIES will provide an answer regarding what personal data we store and the manner of their processing. Please fill in the request form here

At your request SELECT PROPERTIES will provide an answer regarding what information we hold about you, the manner of its storage and processing. In case we hold any personal data about you, you can request the following information:

• Contact details of the organization which processes, or on behalf of which your personal data is being processed.
• Contact details of the Data Protection Officer.
• The purposes of the processing;
• The legal grounds for such processing;
• The respective categories of personal data, which are being processed;
• The recipients or the categories of recipients to whom they have been or will be disclosed;
• If the grounds for the processing are SELECT PROPERTIES or third parties’ legitimate interest, you can ask further information about such interest.
• The planned retention period of the personal data;
• Further details regarding your rights to request a correction or deletion of personal data or restriction of the processing of personal data, as well as to make an objection against such processing;
• Information about your right to withdraw your consent at any time;
• Details regarding your right to complain to a supervisory authority;
• Information whether the provision of personal data is obligatory or a contractual requirement, or a requirement, necessary for the signing of a contract as well as whether you are under obligation to provide the personal data and the possible consequences of the inability to provide such data.
• The source from which your personal data was collected, in the cases when they have not been collected directly from you.
• All details and information on the existence of automated decisions, such as profiling and any relevant information about the respective logic applied by such operations, as well as the meaning and the expected consequences of such processing.

How can you obtain access to the data of yours that we process?

You need to fill in an access request that you can find here or to send a request directly using the contact details of the Data Protection Officer.

To certify your identity you will need to: indicate your full name and email address, as well as to confirm your email address by pressing the link that will be sent to the contact email you provided us with.

Country: Republic of Bulgaria
Address: Nessebar town, № 14 Ivan Vazov street

Phone: +359 887 737370



Contact details of the Data Protection Officer:
You can contact our Data Protection Officer at: 
Phone: +359 887 737370