Lowest taxes in European Union

Bulgaria is one of the European Union nations with the lowest rate of property taxation and in top 5 low tax destinations worldwide.

Real property tax – an annual real estate tax is levied on the owner of immovable property at a rate between 0,01 % and 0,45 % of the tax value of the property.

Personal income tax 10% – the lowest tax rates in the whole of Europe, at ten per cent on personal income.

Corporate income tax rate of 10% – Bulgaria offers an excellent fiscal climate with a flat corporate income tax rate of ten per cent and is calculated on the taxable profit. Saving taxes is one of the reasons why many business people and companies have chosen to set up a company in Bulgaria.

Understanding tax obligations when buying a home overseas is important, investors need to be clear on this point, as well as any laws relating to inheritance or legislation that only applies to foreigners. The solicitors of the agency will be glad to assist and help you to find the needed information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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